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The foremost coaching centre

We care for students, protect their welfare and prepare them for future. Bansal Classes was established in the year 1991 and is the first institute to give JEE Main and Advanced training, its present shape and form. V.K Bansal, an optimistic person by nature helped to lay down the most successful JEE Main and Advanced coaching center in Kota. With his dedication and positive attitude, Bansal Classes produced wonderful results each year, which challenged themselves to produce even better results.

Our History

"Change does not roll on the wheels of inevitability, but comes through continuous struggle." We are considered to be the most prestigious and best education hub. Bansal classes was Founded in 1984 by Mr.V.K Bansal, the ideal educator. He realised that there is a need of providing right direction to JEE aspirants for JEE preparations. With his dedication and positive attitude, Bansal Classes yield excellent results each year which challenged themselves to yield even better results.

Our Vision

"Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality." As leaders in the field of informal education, we focus to enrich lives by challenging all students to become successful, lifelong learners who strengthen in a diverse and changing world. We in our growth would like to see our students growing with excellence in their carrier. We expect our Students to look ahead with us and join us in realizing this challenging vision - "TO BRING ABOUT Achievers".

Our Mission

‘Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower." We are committed to provide equal studying opportunities to all students appearing for competitive examinations and enhance carrier development of our students through quality teaching by being the first to adopt change introduced in the field of Engineering & Medical entrance examinations.

Message From Directors

CMD - V. K. Bansal

Dear Students,

I welcome all of you to Bansal Classes and earnestly wish success to each one of you. And though I would sincerely hope that all of you make it to the respective institutes that you’ve set your minds upon, what I mean by ‘success’ is something altogether different. For me, success simply means being able to perform to your potential. For example, an average student who by dint of his hard work makes it to the waiting list of IIT-JEE, is for me successful than a superlatively brilliant student who because of his complacence and casualness got a rank of 500. Over the years, it has been my experience that the memories which troubles us most are not those of our misfortune, but those that have the words '..if only I had done that..' embedded in them. So my only advice to all of you is this; be it engineering entrance or any other endeavor in life, make sure that these words never find a port of entry into the picture. Spare no effort, work hard and live up to your potential. Whatever follows will always be for the best. That, according to me, is the simple calculus of Karma.

V. K. Bansal

Director Academics - Sameer Bansal

"Meeting the Expectations"

To reach heights one must start climbing and if the journey is difficult then perseverance is the key to success. As a teacher I have realized over past years that success in IITJEE requires hard work and proper guidance. One must be able to draw a line of demarcation among what to study and what not to. Bansal Classes with its unique teaching methodologies have always proved that we meet the expectations of thousands of students and parents to make their dreams come true. With changing patterns we have adapted ourselves to deliver the best and ensure better results. I believe that changes motivate to move ahead and thus we welcome the new pattern of IITJEE with great vigour to conquer it.

Sameer Bansal
Director Academics

Director - Mahima Bansal

"Consistent Approach"

Dear Student, I believe that your hard work should always be a vector quantity rather than scalar one, which has a magnitude as well a direction. The efforts put by you will be the magnitude and our guidance will be the direction to reach your destination of IITs and other competitive examinations. It’s important to note at this juncture that the changing pattern of IITJEE will have several new challenges to answer and a consistent approach will be required. I would reinstate the fact that our R & D department under the guidance of our senior faculties has designed the curriculum to meet all the requirements of the new pattern. The direction is assured, now it’s your turn to add magnitude to it.

Mahima Bansal

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