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What you should know before applying to AIIMS or NEET?

Whenever a student decides to pursue a career in the medical field, they have to pass one of the exams to get selected in a respectable college. Out of them NEET and AIIMS are the best to get a quality education in respectable colleges, and it’s not best to make light of a choice that will make or break your life.

What is AIIMS?

Short for All India Institute of Medical Sciences, it is a group of colleges which provides medical education along with treatment and care to patients. It is a medical institution located in seven different places including AIIMS Delhi as the parent institution.

What is NEET?

Short for National Eligibility cum Entrance Test, is an entrance test for admissions into medical colleges, government or private. NEET has replaced most state/college entrance exams except for some states, JIPMER and AIIMS.

Now that we know what’s what, we can have a more in-depth comparison of both these formats.


NEET students have more options compared to AIIMS. As AIIMS only has seven locations there aren’t many choices, but NEET students will have the entire country’s colleges to choose from.

Question Paper

NEET has 45 question for Physics and Chemistry and 90 questions for Biology, adding up to 180 questions. NEET focuses more on biology than physics or chemistry.

AIIMS has 60 questions each for Physics, Chemistry and Biology along with 10 questions each in GK and reasoning with equal weightage in all subjects which might prove useful if you lack in one subject.

Success rate

AIIMS only has 672 seats for the appearing 2 Lakh students, and NEET has around 4 Lakh seats for approximate 8 Lakh students. Which means there is a better chance at success for students in NEET.


NEET is organized by MCI and AIIMS is independent, so there are bound to be some differences. NEET is based on the NCERT syllabus and has more questions in biology compared to AIIMS, and for AIIMS students have to study extra materials to cover all topics and the test is designed to judge students character attributes. NEET has many high-level questions but is still relatively easier than AIIMS. And because of this students need to adjust their strategy for each exam.


To summarise AIIMS has harder papers, fewer locations and seats than NEET but they have a better facility than most colleges. And NEET has more time and biology questions, locations around the country and a very high clearance rate but you can’t be sure if you will get the best college of your choice.

It should all be clear in your head what you want to do and then choose what’s the best option for you.

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