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How To Avoid negative marking

Negative marking, the greatest obstacle for anyone in competitive exams like JEE/NEET or any other major competitive exam. So we’ve decided to help you get over your fear of them by telling you about how to handle them.

Fear of Failure

Many students will feel their blood run cold at the mention of negative marking, and reasonably so you can’t let it get the best of you. You need to handle it as an opportunity to gain more marks.

Be Sure of Yourself

You need to be absolutely sure when you read a question that you can solve it in time, if not leave it for later. This is the first thing you have to do after going through the question, you can’t afford to waste time on a maybe, it has to be a yes.

Don’t Waste Time

As stated in the last point, you don’t have a second to waste, you have to keep solving and answering until you are done. Leave anything you are doubtful of so you don’t waste your time.

Do now, Doubt Later

At the start, you need to answer the questions you are sure about then go for the ones you were doubtful of. If you get stuck in one question you might not be able to answer all questions which will definitely cost you some marks.

Practice On old Test Papers

Use older papers and mock test papers to check your progress and get comfortable with the format of the paper. This will improve your time management and you’ll might also find some questions and patterns of topics that are almost always repeated.

Make Reasonable Guesses

When you are done with your paper and there are still some questions left which you are still unsure about then you will have to do some guesswork. Reread the questions and options for hints about what could the possible solutions be, then choose whatever seems most appropriate.

Reverse Engineering

You can also try to do it the other way around, by matching the answer with the question instead of solving the questions.

Don’t Make Obvious Mistakes

Many times the papers will have an option that matches your wrong answer because of a detail that you overlooked. So you need to avoid these silly mistakes like:
  • Marking wrong options,
  • Marking options with wrong units,
  • Wrong formula,
  • Misunderstandings about the questions.

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