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Subject Wise Important Chapters for IIT JEE 2019

As the days go by, the dreaded and also the most awaited day for many students also approaches. It is one of the most competitive exams held in the country, we are talking about JEE Mains and today we’re going to give you some pointers on which topics to prioritize over others and help you get closer to your goal.

Marking Scheme

The JEE Mains paper has a total of 3 sections of Maths, Chemistry and physics divided equally between 90 questions for 4 marks each getting to a total of 360 marks and 120 marks for each section. And there is also negative marking of -1 for each incorrect answer and no further marks are deducted for unattempted questions.

Topic Weightage

The questions are based on all the topics you’ve already covered in your 11th and 12th syllabus. But don’t forget to continuously revise the old topics after some time because if you think you’ve learned it once and aced the tests then you’ll be in trouble at the last moment as you have to go through all of your 2-year syllabus in a matter of weeks, so it’s not a bad idea to keep revising your older topics as you are learning new ones.
But there are some topics which are slightly more favoured than others which you have to look out for. The weightage is not completely accurate but based on the last few previous year’s papers we can find a rough estimate:


Electrodynamics: 32 Marks
Mechanics: 32 Marks
Modern Physics: 20 Marks
Thermodynamics: 16 Marks
SHM & Waves: 12 Marks
Optics: 8 Marks


Organic Chemistry-II: 40 Marks
Physical Chemistry-I: 28 Marks
Physical Chemistry-II: 20 Marks
Inorganic Chemistry-I: 20 Marks


Differential Calculus: 28 Marks
Integral Calculus: 16 Marks
Coordinate Geometry: 12 Marks
Co-ordinate Geometry (3-D): 8 Marks
Matrix & Determinants: 8 Marks
Probability: 8 Marks
Matrix & Determinants: 8 Marks
Trigonometry: 8 Marks

That being said, don’t take these numbers as facts but like guidelines to prioritize some topics over others and don’t completely ignore other topics.

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